I believe every one of us was wonderfully made by God and that every life is a blessing. Thanks to my work in the Statehouse, Indiana now has the most protective Pro-Life legislation in the nation since Roe v. Wade was overturned. As a Right to Life endorsed candidate as well as the ONLY candidate endorsed by Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America , I will continue to defend the unborn and work to expand adoption and other abortion alternatives.


The U.S. faces a critical juncture in regulating cryptocurrencies and digital assets, with outdated laws jeopardizing both innovation and consumer safety. I advocate for a regulatory overhaul that promotes blockchain technology, upholds financial privacy, and aligns with American values of freedom and market liberty. Opposing central bank digital currencies ensures the digital economy reflects these principles. By updating regulations, we can secure a future where digital finance is inclusive, innovative, and maintains U.S. leadership on the global stage.


Israel stands as a beacon of democracy in a tumultuous region, a nation with not only the right to exist but to defend itself against those who wish to see its demise. I steadfastly support Israel's sovereignty and its unwavering fight for survival amidst threats. Movements that advocate for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against Israel undermine the possibility of peace and stability in the region. Such actions not only threaten Israel's security but also jeopardize the values of freedom and democracy we hold dear. I oppose these movements unequivocally, standing in solidarity with Israel, our friend and ally, in its pursuit of peace and security.


We need to secure the southern border and deport the illegal immigrants that Joe Biden has allowed to flood into our country. We need to end birthright citizenship for people that are here illegally. I have a strong track record of fighting back on illegal immigration issues. I have voted to allow law enforcement to detain illegal aliens that have committed a felony until immigration officials can take them into custody(SEA590). I voted to ban sanctuary universities (SEA243). I co-authored a ban on sanctuary cities(SEA181), and voted to require proof of citizenship to register to vote (HEA1264).



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